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About Us is both the premier online community and magazine. We cover everything from the restoration of classic V8 American Muscle, to customization of the newest sports cars. Front Wheel Drive, 4 x 4, All Wheel Drive, We love it. If it has four wheel and a motor, there is going to be someone on our team thats driven it and torn it apart to see how it runs.

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Cesar Chavez

Cesars's experience with vehicles begins from the teenage years with his first car, which he had to learn to maintain himself if Cesar wanted to get to school and back. This knowledge was expanded as Cesar attended training at a local community college and gained experience at smaller garages.  He is the resident specialist for high power applications using American V8s in original or transplanted vehicles.

Emiliano Zapatista

Emiliano had begun working on motors as a child when he took apart his father's lawnmower to see what made it work. Eventually moving on to larger motors, on all types of vehicles, as time went on, Emiliano specialized in motor repair and effiency systems on newer vehicles. Emiliano is the shop's specialist on high power applications.